Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises


C-CHANGE is the Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises. Collaborating institutions work to build science-based partnerships for meeting 21st century challenges in agriculture, technology, and innovation. Partnerships are needed to meet the goals of delivering abundant, affordable, and safe food and energy to 10 billion people while also returning value to people and the land.


[ICON]C-CHANGE February 18, 2021: Field Day on Utilizing Perennial Biomass and Prairie For Renewable Natural Gas

This virtual field day is for farmers, entrepreneurs, extension and watershed specialists, and others to learn about the basics of biogas and how incorporating perennial grasses in a biogas value chain could help improve farm profitability, water quality, soil carbon sequestration, and wildlife habitat.

[ICON]C-CHANGE March 10, 2021: Bioeconomy Institute’s Carbon Removal Forum

This forum will engage the ISU campus community in the state of science, education, and outreach regarding carbon removal (postponed from 2020).

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New research identifies four farmer types with differing perspectives on soil and water conservation

A new study from Iowa State University C-CHANGE researchers can help guide conservation extension and outreach programs.


C-CHANGE was awarded a $10 million Sustainable Agricultural Systems grant from the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute for Food and Agriculture.

Successful Farming: Harnessing Biogas to Grow a Value Chain for Farmers

C-CHANGE’s USDA NIFA grant is outlined in this article by Megan Schilling of Successful Farming.

C-CHANGE Team Members Win Soil and Water Conservation Society Awards

Several C-CHANGE team members are among the winners of 2020 SWCS awards.

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