Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises

[PHOTO] CCHANGE: Science for a Changing Agriculture


C-CHANGE is the Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises. Collaborating faculty work across and beyond the Iowa State University campus to build science-based partnerships for meeting 21st century challenges and opportunities in agriculture, technology, and innovation. Partnerships are needed to help society meet the goal of delivering abundant, affordable, and safe food to 10 billion people without compromising the Earth’s supportive capacity in the long term.


[ICON]C-CHANGE Postponed: Why are we missing the boat on biogas?

This inaugural C-CHANGE conference will focus on expanding the value chain for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from mixed agricultural feedstocks. Rescheduled date to be determined.

[ICON]C-CHANGE Postponed: Bioeconomy Institute’s Carbon Removal Forum

This forum will engage the ISU campus community in the state of science, education, and outreach regarding carbon removal. Postponed until fall 2020.

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ISU researchers pave the way to make prairie strips eligible option for federal conservation program[PHOTO] Prairie strips

U.S. farmers will be able to collect federal conservation payments for installing prairie strips on their land. C-CHANGE-affiliated researchers from Iowa State University helped bridge the gap between the latest science and federal policy.

Dr. Dara Wald, A Natural Innovator

The work of C-CHANGE investigator, Dr. Dara Wald, is highlighted in this issue of Link magazine.

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