C-CHANGE awarded USDA NIFA grant

USDA NIFA logoIn June 2020, C-CHANGE was awarded a Sustainable Agricultural Systems program grant from the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute for Food and Agriculture. The grant expands C-CHANGE to a multi-institutional consortium that includes:

From the grant award details,

The Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises, or C-CHANGE, is a transdisciplinary partnership united in the effort to advance a new biobased value chain. This new value chain is based on the production of renewable natural gas (RNG) and associated bioproducts through the anaerobic digestion (AD) of herbaceous biomass combined with manure.

For a primer on anaerobic digestion, you can watch this video produced by Roeslein Alternative Energy:

The anaerobic digesters will be fed herbaceous biomass including winter crop, pasture, prairie, and annual crop residues.

Team members include Lisa Schulte Moore (ISU), Thomas Richard (PSU), Rudi Roeslein (RAE), J. Gordon Arbuckle (ISU), Saurabh Bansal (PSU), Robert Brown (ISU), Alexis Campbell (ISU), Daniel Ciolkosz (PSU), Jaqueline Comito (ISU), Christine Costello (PSU), Lara Fowler (PSU), Mark Gagnon (PSU), Emily Heaton (ISU), Matthew Helmers (ISU), Kathleen Hill (PSU), C. Clare Hinrichs (PSU), Alexander Hristov (PSU), Matthew Johnson (PSU), Heather Karsten (PSU), Armen Kemanian (PSU), Kevin Kimle (ISU), Matt Liebman (ISU), Mark Mba Wright (ISU), Jarad Niemi (ISU), Hilal Ezgi Toraman (PSU), Thomas Schwartz (FDCE), David Swenson (ISU), Michael Thompson (ISU), Steven Trabue (USDA-ARS NLAE), John Tyndall (ISU), Andy VanLoocke (ISU), and Zhiyou Wen (ISU).