Leadership and Engagement

Change is hard but can also offer rewards. Transitioning to new agricultural practices, policies, and paradigms is challenging because of high costs and they require long-term planning. Change can be made much easier, however, through collaborative processes. C-CHANGE works within the academic and agricultural communities to facilitate change by:

  • Encouraging network building and the creation of new partnerships
  • Engaging and developing “change agents” within and beyond the university
  • Partnering with Extension and Outreach
  • Providing training and mentoring

The Leadership and Engagement effort is led by Adam Janke.


[PHOTO] Dara Wald


“I see change through diverse groups working together to manage the land for extreme weather, economic fluctuations, population dynamics, and carbon stocks and flows. Change should be local, meaning it might look like parking lot gardens or vertical planters in urban areas, community supported agriculture surrounded by hobby farms, and prairie strips interspersed within corn and soybean fields.”

— Dara Wald,
Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications at Iowa State University.


Success Story

My research explores the causes and consequences of public debate over water, wildlife, and land. Specifically, I help scientists, policy makers, and community groups understand how we engage “publics” with divergent values, beliefs, and attitudes in processes that generate collaborative, community-led solutions that benefit people, places, and the environment.

Highlighted Publication

The impact of source credibility on scientific skepticism of climate change and genetically modified foods: findings from the general social survey.
Hunt, KP, Wald, DM

In Kathleen Hunt (Ed.), Understanding the Role of Trust and Credibility in Science Communication, 2018. doi: 10.31274/sciencecommunication-181114-13